Sport999 is an online betting website of Singapore from where you can place bets on both sports activities and on the casino. To open an account on Sports999 and using their betting service is very easy and convenient. There are few rules and regulations which you need to follow while using their services though. They are as follows,

1.    Registration Form

To open an account, it is mandatory for every customer to fill out the registration form that they put up. Unless you do not fill up the registration form with all the details, the customer would not be able to set up an account on their website. The information should be filled carefully as wrong information can lead to arising of problems in the future.

2.    Accurate ID

 You have to provide for accurate government ID to prove that you are of legal age i.e eighteen. The legal government ID will also provide backing to the information you have provided like your address and contact info.

3.    The Credentials

The login ID and password should be remembered by the user for future accessing of the account you have opened up. They always tell their customers not to share their account credentials with anyone else as it might cause serious problems later. Problems arising from the sharing of credentials will not be a fault of the company. Customers are always advised to choose a password which is unique and a strong one. This will make the password non-predictable and will provide you with maximum security. It is the responsibility of the customer to keep the password a secret from others at their end.

4.    Legal Actions

The client should agree to comply with all the legal rules of transactions and placing of bets which are followed by the website when they open their account. The gambling rules and regulations vary from country to country and to keep the account activated, the bettors should abide by respective laws of the country.

5.    UpdateThe Data

It is the duty of the gambler to provide the website with important personal information from time to time in order to continue their subscription to their account on the website of Sports999. Failing to provide such information which should also be authentic, will result in blocking of the account of the customer for a short period of time unless the information is corrected and updated again.

6.    Keep It Personal

It is suggested to the bettors to only register for their own personal account and not for anyone else. Opening an account on behalf of anyone else might cause a problem in the future. It is strictly prohibited to do that. Apart from that, a user can only have one account to themselves. Opening up of more than one accounts for a user is strictly prohibited. If by any chance, the gambler is caught with multiple accounts, their accounts will be forfeited then and there without providing them any prior warning.

7.    Get Access

Sport999 will only have access to the information of the client which has been provided by the client to them. The bettor can look up in the privacy policy of the website for future information.

These are the few rules and regulations which you need to follow when you open up an account on Sports999. Regarding the rest of the rules and regulations, the clients are advised to read the ‘rules and regulations’ section of the website prior to the opening of an account so that they can follow the rules easily and avoid facing any complications in the future.

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